Budapest Scottish Dance Club

Dear Friend,

The Budapest Scottish Dance Club is delighted to invite you to its 11th SCD weekend for intermediate and advanced dancers from 31 May to 2 June 2019.

The teacher will be Alasdair Gray, and the musicians will be James Gray (piano), Andrew Lyon (accordion) and Phill Jones (accordion).

For more information on the weekend please see the attached flyer, and to access the registration form please visit our website dedicated to the event:

Please also share this message with your dancing friends.

Hope to see you in Spring 2019!

The Budapest Scottish Dance Club


Dear friends, we are glad to announce our next international Scottish Weekend.
Social dances, workshop and Grand Ball.
Music by Matthias Rank and Silke Grosholz

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Bologna and its fabulous food

More info on
Save de date and start booking!
Ball program will come in a short.

Как обычно - пишите, кому нужны подробности.

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Камрады, традиционный августовский пост. Время в очередной раз поддержать Королевское общество нашим трудовым рублем.

По видам членства картина нонче следующая:

Для персон 25 лет и старше (Adult Single) - 20 фунтов - 1650 рублей;
Для пар с общим адресом (Adult Joint) - 32 фунта - 2650 рублей;
Для персон от 18 до 24 лет (Young Adult) - 16 фунтов - 1350 рублей;
Для персон от 12 до 17 лет (Youth) - 10 фунтов - 850 рублей.

Реквизиты традиционные. Как сказал классик: "Сберкнижку мне!". Вариант индивидуального платежа на сайте в RSCDS делали-делали, но так и не доделали. Такие дела.


Как обычно, кто хочет подробностей - пишите на RSCDS_Russia.

Dear fellow dancers

It is my great pleasure to send you the invitation to this years' SCD
Weekend Course and Ball in Switzerland, to be held on

24/25 November 2018 in Basel.

With the fabulous team of teacher and musicians coming you can expect a
wonderful weekend of dancing !

Thank you for passing on the invitation to your club members. Once we
have received your application, we will send you more detailed

Please note that our website is at the moment under construction, the
current address is:

Looking forward to welcoming you in Basel !

Best regards

Morven Rüesch
President SCDGB

Такое письмо пришло.

Камрады, читайте, что нам RSCDS пишет.

Dear Branch Secretary

In recent months we have been reviewing the Society’s publications and decided that for 2019 there will be no book of ‘new dances’ published by the Society. Instead we propose that the next ‘new’ book will be a collection of 30 popular dances. This book will complement the original “30 Popular Scottish Country Dances” published in the late 1990s and listed below.

With this in mind we would appreciate your branch’s help and guidance as to what is popular!

We would like suggestions of up to 10 dances to include a mixture of Jigs, Reels and Strathspeys that are popular in your branch for consideration to be included in the book.

The dances in the original book were all traditional dances taken from RSCDS publications covering the period up to Book 27. In contrast we aim for the contents of the new book to include a mix of traditional and non-traditional dances. We do not wish to restrict the list to dances previously published by the Society so will welcome popular dances from other sources. We will, however, have to bear in mind at the final selection phase the issue of copyright as ultimately it may not be possible to include some dances that are obviously popular but present copyright issues.

As you will appreciate we anticipate getting far more dances than we will have room for but hopefully the submitted dances will provide us with a good indication of what is popular!

Если коротко, то просят прислать им список из 10 наших самых любимых танцев. Высылайте личные ТОР-10, а я сведу их в один методом простого подсчета.

Вдруг кому интересно

is hosting the
43rd Australian Winter School
Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia
8th - 15th July 2018
Come and enjoy a fun filled week of Scottish country dancing with great teachers and musicians.

Кому интересны подробности - пишите.

Осторожно, мошенники!

Камрады, такое письмо пришло от Майка Гринвуда. Будьте внимательны!!!

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to pass along some important information regarding a recent fraudulent scheme and ask that you please make us aware of any communications that contain any of the below details.

The following is a message from RSCDS Chairman Helen Russell:

“Branch Treasurers, please be aware that your branch bank account may be the target of a fraudulent scheme. A message just received from one of our Branches said:

Last Thursday our Treasurer was notified by the bank that someone was setting up a Standing Order on the Branch account for £200, payable to "The Community Foundation for Wiltshire”. Our Treasurer, had never heard of this and after a bit of ringing around decided it was a scam.

It struck me that somebody may be targeting RSCDS Branches. The setting up of the Standing Order was paper based and did not involve the internet so presumably could have used details from our renewal form on the Branch website and widely circulated to existing members.

We thank you for your cooperation and if you have any questions please get in touch at your earliest convenience.”


Michael Greenwood
Digital Marketing Communications Officer

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Все танцы из 51 книги RSCDS на видео. Спасибо Степану Петровичу Роббу Квинту с Калифорнщины.

For your SCD videos reference library...

Robb Quint
Thousand Oaks, CA, USA


And for the Young Ones

Bohemian Reflections

Come What May

The Edinburgh Toy Shop

Fair Enough


Holyrood Strathspey

New Year Jig

Pluto's Head

Save the Children

The Somerset Children's Reel

Summer on the Beach

Ежегодное традиционное

Камрады, очередной членский год RSCDS подходит к концу. Время обновлять членство. Членские взносы ныне такие:

Для персон 25 лет и старше (Adult Single) - 20 фунтов - 1500 рублей;
Для пар с общим адресом (Adult Joint) - 32 фунта - 2400 рублей;
Для персон от 18 до 24 лет (Young Adult) - 16 фунтов - 1200 рублей;
Для персон от 12 до 17 лет (Youth) - 10 фунтов - 750 рублей.

Платить можно либо через меня, либо через сайт. Там очень вымороченная процедура, но работает - проверено.

Второе. Не за горами очередной экзамен Unit 1. Он будет 7-го октября, заявки должны попасть в RSCDS не менее чем за 7 недель до экзамена, так что времени осталось мало. Кому надо - пишите мне в почту.